Looking for a SEA Expert to optimise your AdWords campaigns? Perhaps your team could use a customised SEA training? Or do you need support as media agency with SEA projects? I will help you further.

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Google AdWords

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. In Belgium and in many other countries worldwide, Google is still the biggest and most important search engine and AdWords Google’s main advertising product. As a former Google AdWords account manager at Google Belgium, your AdWords campaigns are safe with me.

Based on your online objectives and SEA budget I set-up a new AdWords campaign that I optimise after a few weeks for optimal results. In case you already own an AdWords campaign but you are not satisfied with the results I can optimise this for you.

The AdWords system seems simple and user friendly it is for sure, but you can obtain much more with it than you would think at first glance. The current functionalities are being improved or replaced on a regular base. Furthermore you can not only advertise on the Google search page itself but also on the Google search partners and other websites within the Google display network. Each type of advertising requires another specific approach. To make optimal use of this effective advertising system you better support you by a real AdWords expert like myself.

SEA training

Would you like to learn more about AdWords? Or are you looking for useful and hands on tips and tricks to optimise your AdWords campaigns yourself? Are you looking for a SEA expert to train your team or new online colleague quick and efficient?

I give trainings to companies, agencies and was even selected through one of my clients AdBirds as one of the few official Google Regional (Engage) Trainers in Belgium.

SEA for agencies

For media agencies it is not always obvious to optimal support their customers in AdWords. Sometimes there is a lack of knowledge in the system itself or in a certain language. And many times there is just a lack of time to do the execution. By hiring a SEA expert you can continue offering your clients the same level of quality as the other services you are offering them.

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what others say

From 2011 onward, the early days of her own company, Gaëlle and I have been working together on Google AdWords projects. This collaboration has been occasional but often with very strict deadlines. Gaëlle has always succeeded in delivering her work within the preset time frames. I appreciate her eye for detail, the fact that she goes above and beyond for the customer and her accuracy in the finishing touch. On top of that, she is a great person to work with. I hope sincerely that we can intensify our collaboration in the future.

- Lore Van Besien, AdSpecialist
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