Online marketing strategies execution and optimisation

I can help you with this. Whether you work for an agency, small or large company that could use support or advice in advertising, analytics of optimisation. I am the reliable partner you are looking for.


Looking for a SEA Expert to optimise your AdWords campaigns? Perhaps your team could use a customised SEA training? Or do you need support as media agency with SEA projects? I will help you further.

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Google Analytics is not only important for SEA but also for SEO. Acquired insights in your online activities through data and reports.
I help you based on these data to advertise more efficient and optimise your website.

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A good position on Google implies more visitors to your website and thus more potential customers. SEO optimisation is next to SEA a specific expertise.

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How do I work?

A thoughtful online advertising strategy that starts from your objectives. After all, you do not jùst want more visitors to your website but bring them effectively to do something and make a ROI? Invest well and let an online expert guide you. I like to help you further determining your online strategy and work this out together.

Broad online marketing expertise

Considering my professional background at Google, SEA and more specific AdWords could be seen as my top expertise. In the meantime I have built up credibility in more fields withing the online advertising. You can consult me for support in Google Analytics, SEO (mainly keyword research) and to a lesser extent also Social Media advertising. I love to share my experiences and tips during customised trainings.

Matched with your needs

You can hire my expertise for both short and longer term assignments. Furthermore you can book me just as a SEA trainer or a consultant. This is possible for both companies or agencies who could use extra SEA support. All depends on your specific needs.

A multilingual solution

My services are being offered in Dutch, English and French. With an eduction in Germanic languages, this strong affinity with languages is a guaranteed plus!

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I mostly work with an hourly rate but for some projects it is possible to have a daily rate or package price. Transparancy is key regardless the option you require, no unexpected costs.

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what others say

From 2011 onward, the early days of her own company, Gaëlle and I have been working together on Google AdWords projects. This collaboration has been occasional but often with very strict deadlines. Gaëlle has always succeeded in delivering her work within the preset time frames. I appreciate her eye for detail, the fact that she goes above and beyond for the customer and her accuracy in the finishing touch. On top of that, she is a great person to work with. I hope sincerely that we can intensify our collaboration in the future.

- Lore Van Besien, AdSpecialist
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